Photograph by  Hashim Badani . 

Photograph by Hashim Badani

By the mysterious wonders of the internet, you've reached the online home of author and journalist,  Deepanjana Pal.

 Deepanjana's first novel and third book, Hush A Bye Baby (published by Juggernaut), is a thriller set in Mumbai. 

Deepanjana is presently with Hindustan Times. In the past, she's worked with Time Out MumbaiDNA and Firstpost. She was the managing editor of Newslaundry. She has written extensively about art, literature and cinema. Her writing has appeared in publications like The AtlanticCaravan, Tehelka, Wallpaper*, Vogue, Buzzfeed, India Today and The Hindu. 

In 2009, she wrote The Painter, a critically-acclaimed biography of 'Raja' Ravi Varma, one of the first Indian artists to earn the tag of 'modern'. She has also written a children's book, A Book for Puchku

If you'd like to read more of her writing, a selection of her articles is here and you can read three short stories she's written here. To find out more about her books, click here. She runs a newsletter on books and reading, called Dear Reader and if you subscribe to it, her joy will know no bounds. She's also deeply attached to her camera (mobile and otherwise), and you can see a selection of her photos here.  

Deepanjana has written about herself in the third person because it seemed like the adult thing to do. In case you were were wondering, she's the one behind every photo (except the one on this page), word and glitch here.