These are mostly lost photographs — most of them from long ago, taken on cameras that have since fallen apart or got lost, JPGs that have been misplaced. All that remains are low resolution images and high fidelity memories. 

Istanbul & Ephesus

Left to right: Library of Celsus, Ephesus; Headless in Ephesus; Ephesus sunset; St John's Basilica, Ephesus; Galata Bridge, Istanbul; Eminonu Mosque, Istanbul; View from Sultanahmet, Istanbul; Aya Sophia, Istanbul; Mary and holy words, Aya Sophia, Istanbul; Pierreloti, Istanbul; In a book, on a book, Istanbul; Basilica Cistern, Istanbul.


Left to right: Clouds over Tollygunge; Cloudlight; Marble Palace, where "Photography is strictly prohibited"; Smuggled in Marble Palace i; Smuggled in Marble Palace ii; Smuggled in Marble Palace iii; Patterns on Lake Avenue; Rain-painted.


Left to right:  The ground way beneath my feet; The road winds to Billing, Himachal Pradesh; Light and shadow; Cloud castle; Spots of colour; Flying in Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

Alhambra, Cordoba & BarcelonA

Flamenco, Sevilla; From the Palau Nacional, Barcelona; La Pedrera, Barcelona; Sagrada Familia, Barcelona; Curves, Alhambra; Train station sunset, Granada; Calligraphy, Alhambra; From a distance, Alhambra; Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba; Cathedral ceilings, Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba; Arches, Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba; From Torre de Alminar, Cordoba.