Short Stories

These were either just written for fun or as writing exercises. One has been published, one has been rejected, one has been sitting in my computer for ages. What all three do have in common is that they are all works of fiction and not intended to offend. So (with apologies to George Michael) read without prejudice. 


the wandering burkha

Inspector Hadpude is expecting a wad of cash in an envelope that he's been given by one who owes him that-which-we-shall-not-call-a-bribe. Instead, that envelope has a bunch
of photos... .


The library

AK Ramanujan had said there are 300 Ramayanas, and that was before TV. When the teller of one Ramayana comes looking for his telling at a very special library, he discovers another version... .



Everything is new for Sunanda — from the house she's in, to the man she's living with, to the chillies that she can't recognise. There is one bit of newness that's less unsettling because she has, by mistake, made a friend ...